A search of the web for free ebooks is frustrating, since many of the sites don't actually contain free ebooks that are properly formatted for your ebook reader.

We have found the best selection of truly free ebooks, properly formatted for you. The selection includes traditional classics and both fiction and non-fiction titles, in several languages.

For more information on e-book formats see our Format Summary

There are two main sources of truly free e-books properly formatted for your e-reader or your PC/Mac with e-reader software:

  • Feedbooks - An excellent source of free e-books with an easy to use set of menus to find exactly the book you want.
  • Project Gutenberg - The longest established site for free reading matter. The Project Gutenberg site has an enormous number of books that are out of copyright (in the USA and in many cases in most other countries also) in a variety of formats. We have prepared a listing of only those books that are available in the .epub and .mobi formats.

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