eBook Readers triumph

On 26 December 2009 Amazon announced that on Christmas Day, for the first time ever, customers purchased more eBooks than physical books.

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Despite widespread scepticism that the reading public want paper books and won't buy their digital equivalent, the public have proved the sceptics wrong. This Christmas has seen a massive acceptance of the huge advantages of the eBook. We investigate here the characteristics of the eBook readers and explore some of their advantages and disadvantages. We also look at some of the likely enhancements that we can expect in the near future.

But first, what is an eReader and why buy one?
The eReader is a small hand-held device about the size of a paperback book. It features a unique paper-like screen which, unlike a normal computer screen, is not illuminated and so is much less strain on the eyes. The text appears very much like normal printed ink on paper and the reading experience is very similar to a traditional paper book.

Books are loaded into the eReader either by direct Wi-Fi download or by connecting the eReader to a USB port on your PC.

The first enormous advantage of the eReader is that it can hold a large number of entire books. You can carry around with you your entire library on a small device no bigger than a small paperback novel. And when you want to buy a new book you can do so instantly and be reading it a few seconds later.

eBooks are searchable so you can instantly find the word or phrase you want instead of having to flick through pages. Many classic works of literature are available in eBook format completely free.

For a full discussion of advantages and disadvantages see the relevant Wikipedia article
and for a full history of electronic books see the free eBook "A Short History of EBooks" from these links in
epub or mobi format.

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