eBook Readers triumph

On 26 December 2009 Amazon announced that on Christmas Day, for the first time ever, customers purchased more eBooks than physical books.

If you are looking to buy eBooks to read, there is a huge range available, growing daily. Amazon have a large selection for the Kindle but there are other sources as well, with a large number of eBooks in .epub and .mobi formats. You can search Google but you will find many sites are actually offering PDF files or "How to Get Rich" books rather than interesting reading material. So we have done the search for you, weeded out the rubbish, and give you here quality links to sites having a wide selection of real books in eBook formats.

Lots of eBooks, in epub format, and very competitive pricing makes this an excellent starting point for current best-sellers and other books of interest. Waterstones is a well known book chain and you can therefore buy with confidence at their site.
Download an eBook today

The best range, in all major formats, that we have found is without a doubt at eBooks.com. The site is easy to use, well indexed, and the range of books is outstanding. They also offer a selection of special offers giving you a huge saving on recently reduced titles.

Another eBook store with an impressive range on offer is Barnes & Noble. They also have their own eReader, the Nook, and a free eReader program for your PC. As an added bonus there is the offer of free eBooks available with eReader download. Definitely worth a visit.

eBooks for Everyone at Barnes & Noble